quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

She's so bad

I want you
to want me
And i want
to remember you
that i want
you wanting me
I want you,
I want you deep inside me
I want you under my skin
I want you so heavy...
But i need you want me too
Want me just like i want you
and this is so bad!
I want you, in my sweet bed
Just want me...
the right way
at first sigh
in any place
or any hour
want me, baby,
cuz all my sense is burning
and i dont want to play with that
in spite of
i'm your little toy
come and play with me... 
Because i...
want you!

Um comentário:

Gugu Keller disse...

Trouxe-me duas coisas à mente... "I Want You" dos Beatles, do Abbey Road, e a introdução de "Falling in Love", do Aerosmith... "You´re so bad, you´re so bad, you´re so, you´re so bad, you´re so bad..."